The Private Practice : Botox ,Fillers, IV & IM
The Private Practice : Botox ,Fillers, IV & IM

Welcome to The Private Practice Clinic

At The Private Practice we are dedicated to promoting your health and wellness. We offer Botox and fillers to fight the aging process on the outside and alongside this we have our signature IV & IM treatments. We truly believe that intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) vitamin and nutrient treatment can provide lasting benefits for clients looking to optimise the natural balances of the body, or to replenish existing imbalances. The treatments we provide are not usually available outside of a strict healthcare setting but we feel passionately that IV/IM therapy should be offered in the holistic care of all people who feel they need it, as the health advantages can be astounding. We are fully qualified fully insured healthcare professionals with years of medical and pharmaceutical experience and we want to use the knowledge we have gained for good. We would love share our experiences with you!



We have over ten years of training and experience in medicine and pharmacy and have worked in the NHS for many years. In 2019 we completed our IntraVita official training allowing us to administer intravenous drips and shots safely and effectively. We are fully insured individually and as a practice ensuring the utmost quality and safety over our treatments.


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