Botox ,Fillers & Semi-Permanent make-up
Botox ,Fillers & Semi-Permanent make-up

Botox Treatments

Botox (Botulinum toxin type A) is considered an exciting new treatment for wrinkles. Actually it has been used for several years to treat certain medical conditions. Its use as a cosmetic treatment was only discovered accidentally when doctors using it to treat facial muscle spasms noticed an improvement in facial wrinkles. Now Botox can be used in very small doses to effectively counteract the signs of ageing.

Making a difference
By injecting into specific areas Botox can reduce wrinkles around the forehead caused by frowning, laughter lines around the eyes and creases around the lips and nose. However, there are other uses for Botox. The chin or wrinkled neck can be smoothed, a ‘gummy smile’ can be aided by lowering the upper lip by 3-7mm and even excessive sweating can be prevented.

1 Area £200

2 Areas £250

3 Areas £350


Hyperhydrosis –
Excessive Sweating

This is a common disorder which affects men and women alike.

An estimated 3% of the population of the western world suffer from excessive sweating of the underarms. Symptoms tend to surface in late adolescence and sufferers will sweat constantly, regardless of mood or weather.

The treatment
A simple and safe injection of botox will provide visible results in just 3-5 days and the effects will usually last for up to 6 months.


Dermal Fillers (juverderm)

Facial Wrinkles and creases begin to appear as the underlying collagen and elastin fibres begin to break down and wear out after the age of 25. While this breakdown is part of the natural ageing process, it can also result from excessive squinting, frowning, smoking or sun damage.

Smoothing the skin
By injecting the very latest dermal fillers under the skin the wrinkles are “plumped” out. This smooth gel is especially effective around the lips and the creases that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth (marionettes) also we offer décolletage hydration treatments

 Dermal Fillers (Juverderm)

0.5 ml £250

1.0 ml £350

Semi-Perminant Make-up

Effortlessly enhance your looks for longer

Permanent make up can enhance your brows, eyes and lips. The results last meaning you save time on your daily beauty routine meaning you can look your best morning, noon and night, subtle to defined, understated to glamorous.





Lash enhancement (Liner)


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