Waxing Treatments

PhD Safewax

When PhD waxing is done, the wax comes out of a tube. These tubes are completely sealed, so that no germs can contaminate the wax. An applicator is placed onto the tube and used to spread on the wax. Each applicator is disposable and they are thrown away after every application. Applicators come in many sizes and shapes to make hair removal easier even in hard to reach places.


Full Arm Wax 30 mins – ₤20

Half Leg Wax 30 mins – ₤22


Half Arm Wax 30 mins – ₤15

Under Arm Wax 15 Mins – £12


Lip or Chin Wax 10 mins – ₤11

Eyebrow Wax 15 mins – ₤12

Full Face Wax 30 mins – ₤23

Full Leg Wax 45 mins – ₤32


Hotwax treatments

Basic Bikini Wax – ₤18


Brazilian Landing Strip Wax – ₤30


Hollywood Wax – ₤32

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