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Chris’s Profile
Chris Glover

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Chris is our Osteopath offering treatments at Eternal Being

“I have personally tried many different types of therapy to manage my own ailments and the holistic nature of osteopathy makes the most sense to me.”

Chris was drawn to a career as an osteopath because of the wider focus it places on the body as a whole, and the ability it provides to locate areas of weakness and thus prevent future injuries from occurring. Coming from a background in dance and gymnastics, Chris’s own injuries lead him to osteopathy; he fully advocates the practice because he’s a physical embodiment of how successful it can be.

Having studied at the London School of Osteopathy, Chris is now a fully qualified practitioner who offers his services from our clinic in Leicester. He doesn’t only perform individual treatments but works with his clients, giving them advice on factors like posture and diet that might be having a negative impact on their health. Where a patient requires it, Chris is also fully qualified to administer medical acupuncture. This works in tandem with conventional osteopathy techniques, and has proven to be a very effective method of pain relief in previous cases.

Chris's testimonials

This is just a couple of our clients reviews of Chris & his treatments:

“Fantastic service, the explanation of what was happening was very clear and stopped me worrying that I would never get better!  The exercises were great and have really helped me manage my neck pain and I can already see my posture getting better!” – Anne – 47

“I have suffered with sciatica on and off for many years.  I had been to see a physio before but didn’t find it helped very much.  A friend told me to contact Chris and I thought it was worth a try.  Chris managed to bring the pain down relatively quickly.  We also discussed my exercise habits and he identified some things that could be aggravating my back and so far the results have been good.” – Gary – 35