About the salon
About the salon

A Global Experience

IMG_3468xAt the Eternal Being Spa & Beauty Salon, it is our ethos to give our clients access to a range of treatments, new and old, from cultures and societies around the world. This means that whether you want a dermatological skin treatment representing the pinnacle of years of scientific research and development, or a deep massage rooted in ancient cultural practices, our salon is the only natural choice.

A Welcoming Service

We don’t just like to think of it like selling a package or an hour of our time however, we aspire to provide our clients with a thoroughly relaxing service, so that they leave our clinic feeling lighter, less tense, and generally better prepared to face those little challenges life sometimes throws at us. We consider it our job to take the pressure off of you, so if you just want to come in for a little self pampering and a friendly chat, our team are here for that too! To this end we operate a strict appointment-only service, which means that a treatment at our salon is personal, private and completely client focussed.

So if you’re feeling like you need a little time for yourself, why not browse through our treatment packages, or learn more about our team today?